The Chilton 255 Student Computer Lab has 3 b/w laser printers and 2 color printers.   Currently enrolled students may print as needed using the UNT printing credit system common to all Student Computer Labs.    Additional information is available at the UNT Student Computer Labs website.  Faculty and staff may purchase credits to print in the labs at

Additionally, throughout the second floor we offer 3 B/W printers in the hallways (in front of CHIL 255, in the hallway near the HPS Advisor’s office, and in the hallway near to CHIL 238). All hallways printers support webprint. Simply send your print job to a printer using a device via 

In order for all patrons to print as quickly as possible, there is a limit of 20 pages printed at one time.

Large print jobs such as a thesis or dissertation should be printed during off-peak hours, evenings, or weekends.

Patrons are encouraged to use double-sided printing when available and appropriate.